I have conversations with the indebted, (i.e. businesses and persons that are in default on a financial obligation) on a daily basis. They welched on a deal, and are often looking for a way out. Call me old fashioned (or naïve), but when you enter into an agreement and the other party has lived up to their end of the bargain, then you should also. In spite of this, I frequently receive requests for settlement. It goes something like this: “I owe your client $50,000 and yes, your client’s service met our expectations. But, can I send you a check for $25,000 and call it even?” There are valid reasons for nonperformance of an agreement, but they are rare. Accountability is crucial in our society. Therefore, I have no qualms about garnishing and seizing assets when the debtor has no justifiable reason for nonpayment. Maybe I missed the newsflash, but since when is a deal not a deal?