We play to win.


We focus in the areas of real estate, construction and oil and gas, with emphasis on negotiating and defending contracts that protect the assets of our clients. In addition, we understand that businesses must control cost so we have structured our fees to be able to provide top tier legal advice at a reasonable price.



The majority of our clients live in the greater Oklahoma City area (Norman, Edmond, Yukon, etc). Our clients operate throughout Oklahoma, and satisfied client referrals have led us to represent both clients and outside law firms in Texas and other states. But we are Oklahomans and our focus is business in Oklahoma.



We have built our practice specializing as the attorney. Focusing in the areas of contracts, real estate and oil and gas law, our typical client is a business owner, entrepreneur or self-made man who requires an attorney with the expertise and business acumen to help him sustain and grow the business.


“Thanks again for all your help. I wish you covered all states!”

Client that offices in Georgia

“Great job. Can you please get admitted to the Texas bar? We have many more in Texas that need your medicine.”

Texas client

“Many thanks! That is a great result given the circumstances!”

Email from attorney client

Book on Liens

Top legal counsel requires years of experience, great attention to detail and a calm, competent assessment of the facts of the case to determine the best course of action. We’ve sought to provide the very best possible legal advice and counsel to every one of our clients for 15 years now.


We have prepared various white papers which provide an executive summary of legal interpretations, key strategies, best practices and potential pitfalls of laws impacting oil and gas, construction and real estate in Oklahoma.


Check out a few of our presentations to legal and business groups in Oklahoma City. We strive to stay on top of all the latest developments and freely share that information with interested parties.