Bulldog Forms

Every serious contractor knows that before the work begins, the nature of the job should be captured in an agreement or contract that fully states the duties and responsibilities of each party. However, drafting an agreement is a specialized skill that requires knowledge of Oklahoma law, industry norms and the potential pitfalls of a poorly drawn agreement. We realize everyone can’t afford an attorney all the time, which is why we developed our “Bulldog Forms” package. This is a package of expertly drafted agreement templates which can easily be customized to your industry and the specifics of your job. Each agreement has been prepared and approved by Gary Quinnett, and helps provide the basic necessary protections you need to operate safely. Bulldog Forms include:
  1. Roofing Contract
  2. Subcontractor’s Contract
  3. Salesman Contract
  4. Change Order Form
  5. Release of Liability Form
$745 for the form set (includes electronic and print versions; 100% satisfaction guaranteed)