The Tenant’s Checklist

Suppose that you want to open a spa in a retail center. The landlord will ask you to sign a lease, which was drafted by an attorney and is quite favorable to the landlord. Beware. Some common terms that should be negotiated on your behalf include:​
  • What is the landlord’s right to raise the rent?
  • What are the renewal terms?
  • What if you want to expand?
  • What happens if you can’t pay the rent?
  • What if your customer is injured in the parking lot?
  • Is there designated parking for your customers?
  • What type of sign can you use?
  • Can you avoid a personal guarantee?
  • What if your property is damaged because of a roof leak?
  • What type of alterations can you make?
  • Will the landlord agree to not lease any business that cuts hair or offers manicures?
  • Have you read the center’s rules and regulations?
  • Who pays for maintenance and utilities in the common area?
  • Will the landlord deliver the premises “broom clean?”
  • Can you negotiate a tenant improvement allowance?