Bond Claim Notice (sample)

Project No. 1001
High School Renovation
Oklahoma City, OK
Awarding Agency:
City of Oklahoma City
Department of Central Services
PO Box 505
Oklahoma City, OK 73099
Dilbert Construction Company
709 Cartoon Way
Norman, OK 73072
Acme Insurance Company
PO Box 5001
Tucson, AZ 35213
Payment Bond No. 005231
Wiley’s Plumbing Inc.
8621 Kingston Drive
Moore, OK 73150
Awarding Agency’s Representative:
3220 Penn. Avenue
Norman, OK 73072

You are hereby notified that the Wiley’s Plumbing Inc., 8621 Kingston Drive, Moore, OK 73150 (“Claimant”) hereby provides its notice of claim on Statutory Payment Bond No. 005231. Claimant’s contact is the undersigned attorney, Gary Quinnett.

Claimant is a subcontractor under Dilbert Construction Company, 709 Cartoon Way, Norman, OK 73072 (“Debtor”) on the Project No. 1001, High School Renovation, Oklahoma City, OK.

Debtor is now indebted to Claimant in the sum of $89,764.00 ($88,764.00 principal plus $1,000.00 attorneys’ fees). Attorneys’ fee will continue to accrue. Beginning five (5) days after the receipt of this Bond Claim Notice, 1.5% monthly interest will attach to any outstanding balance.

DATED this ___day of May, 2013.

Claimant Wiley’s Plumbing Inc. By:_____________________________ Gary Quinnett, OBA No. 14603 Its: Attorney

Sample Bond Claim Notice (subcontractor)

  • Much like a Mechanic’s Lien, a bond claim notice must have the proper content, be mailed to the proper parties, and meet a deadline. And, you may be required to complete a Freedom of Information Act request to determine the surety, which will add days to the process.
  • Remember, to review the Oklahoma Fair Pay for Construction Act (or its federal counterpart), which may afford you a speedy remedy.
  • Once received, the surety will typically ask the claimant to complete a proof-of-claim form, similar to a bankruptcy proof-of-claim.