Recent classes attended

Recent Seminars Attended:
1. Earth, Wind and Water (September 2010)

  • A general survey covering issues such as:
  • Wind Law Negotiations
  • Native American Water Rights in Oklahoma
  • Agricultural Lien Laws in Oklahoma
  • Issues in Animal Agriculture bubble
  • 2. Enforcement of Judgments (June 2010)

  • An overview of how to enforce money judgments, including:
  • Locating Assets of Debtors
  • Judgment Liens
  • Garnishment of Wages bubble
  • 3. Real Estate Law (May 2010)

  • A seminar covering real property issues, including:
  • Contracts Forms and Analysis
  • Types of Surveys, How to Read Surveys, and How to Work with Surveyors
  • Title Insurance in Oklahoma
  • Real Property Liens
  • Family Law Real Property Issues
  • Real Property Issues in Oil and Gas Law bubble
  • 4 Legal Issues in Construction Law (April 2010)
    o A broad survey of construction law issues, including:
    Contract Considerations in Representing Builders
    Mechanic and Materialmen Liens
    Insurance Coverage Issues
    Bonds and Sureties
    Effective Representation in AAA Construction Arbitration bubble
    5. Drafting Clear and Enforceable Contracts (March 2010)
    o An overview of the contract drafting process, including:
    Getting from the deal to the contract
    Components of a good contract
    Omission of terms
    When things go badly bubble
    6. Natural Resources Law and Policy (November 2009)
    o A survey of Oklahoma Natural Resources Law, including:
    Recent court decisions affecting the energy industry in Oklahoma
    The Ethics of Non-Compete Agreements
    Wind Energy Law
    Oil & Gas Liens in Oklahoma
    Hydraulic Fracturing and the Safe Drinking Water Act bubble
    7. Oil and Gas Law (April 2009)
    o A seminar covering many issues, including:
    Common Title Problems
    Current Issues Involving Operating Agreements
    Oil and Gas Leases
    Oil and Gas Transactions
    Oklahoma Corporation Commission Hearings bubble
    8. Environmental Law (April 2009)
    o A survey of environmental topics, including:
    The American Procedures Act
    Environmental Protection Agency Regulations
    Environmentally-Conscious Project Planning bubble

    On August 27, 2013, Gary Quinnett presented a legal seminar on commercial real estate issues. The attendees rated him "Excellent"