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Oklahoma’s Fair Pay for Construction Act

Oklahoma’s Fair Pay for Construction Act applies to public contracts, and requires prompt payment of contract monies to contractors and subs. Here are the Act’s highlights: The awarding agency must make progress payments within 30 days after submission of an invoice. The awarding agency cannot reduce an invoice of a prime contractor without describing the […]

The Change Order

Except in the middle of a battlefield, nowhere must men coordinate the movement of other men and all materials in the midst of such chaos and with such limited certainty of present facts and future occurrences as in a huge construction project . . .  even the most painstaking planning frequently turns out to be […]

What is Oklahoma’s Homestead law?

The Oklahoma homestead law protects your primary residence from the forced sale by creditors. Our lawmakers consider the family home a cherished possession. As such, a creditor (one to whom you owe money) cannot force its sale unless to satisfy a mortgage, mechanic’s lien, or unpaid taxes. A creditor can, however, file a judgment lien […]

Before you sign an oil and gas well lease…

Assume you are approached by a landman who wants to lease your 80 mineral acres.  As far as you know, your place has never been under lease, but you understand that your neighbor is receiving handsome checks since a well was drilled on his place. That oil and gas lease will remain in full force […]

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