Construction Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

I.    Construction Contracts:  Advanced Negotiation Techniques for the Top Sticking Points

A. Payment Clauses
B.  Pass-Through Clauses
C.  No Damage for Delay Clauses
D.  Performance and Timing Clauses
E.  Project Termination Clauses
F.  Liquidated Damages Clauses

II.    Determining Responsibility and Remedy for Delays

A.  Excusable vs. Inexcusable Delays
B. Compensable vs. Non-Compensable Delays
C.  Untangling Concurrent Delays
D.  Necessary Documentation
E.  Drafting a Recovery Schedule
F.  Applying a Waiver or “No Damage for Delay” Clause

III.     Coverage for Construction Defects Under CGL Policies

A.  Treating Defective Construction as an Occurrence
B.   Business Risk Exclusions and Subcontractor Exception Removal
C.  Avoiding the Known Risk Provision
D.  Voluntary Remediation and “Legally Obligated” Requirement
E.  The Total Pollution Exclusion – How Total Is It?

IV.     Negotiating Damages in Construction Disputes

A.   Distinguishing Direct and Consequential Damages
B.  Calculating Acceleration Damages
C.   Reducing Damages by Claiming Betterment
D.  Non-Monetary Remedies to a Construction Dispute
E.   Preserving Business Relationships While Negotiating Damages

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